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Logan Shopping Center - Entrance Seal & Void Fill

In collaboration with Wrightway Drilling and Wrightway Ready-Mix, we had taken on a project in Logan, WV. The local shopping center was built over top of an abandoned mine. After time had passed the weight of the structures had caused it to begin to sink, potentially rendering the entire shopping center useless and dangerous. We used state of the art technology to drill holes totaling nearly 30,000 into the abandoned mine and fill the voided space with nearly 12,000 yards of concrete. All this was done without closing any of the shopping centers including the Wal-Mart that’s open 24 hours a day.

Behind the Wal-Mart was an abandoned mine opening, causing potentially hazardous situations. After sealing off the opening we hung wire mesh to help ensure that falling debris did not injure innocent bystanders. We also used state of the art concrete pumps to spray shotcrete on the hillside to strengthen it and prevent falls.

This helped to save thousands of jobs and millions of dollars for the local economy. No matter what your problem is we have the experience and tools to complete it no matter how complex it may be.

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