Wright Ready-Mix Projects

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Logan Shopping Center - Void Fill

In Logan, WV the local shopping center was built over top of an abandoned mine. After time had passed the weight of the structures had caused it to begin to sink, potentially rendering the entire shopping center useless and dangerous. We provided nearly 12,000 yards of concrete to our drilling and construction companies to fill this void. The concrete had to be specifically designed to the specifications of the project engineer and each load had to pass stringent tests. All this was done without closing any of the shopping centers including the Wal-Mart that’s open 24 hours a day. This helped to save thousands of jobs and millions of dollars for the local economy. No matter what your problem is we have the experience and tools to complete it no matter how complex it may be.

Portable Silos

We can set up portable Ready-Mix plants on your next project. Not only can we meet the needs of anyone in the Kentucky and West Virginia areas, but we can meet the needs of anyone in the country or abroad. We have portable Ready-Mix plants that are capable to being set up anywhere. The concrete can be designed and mixed to your specifications on a job site saving you time and money.