Wright Mix Materials Products

Fully automated toll blending and bagging facility

Custom Design & Blending

We’re extremely interested in designing or packaging your products. If you have any questions please contacts us at 304-239-3900.

Bags of Rock Dust (40 - 50 lbs.)

Rock Dust Wright Concrete

Our rock dust is the highest quality you can find. Don’t believe it just ask and we’ll send you a sample. Our fully automated production plant allows us to mass produce at an extremely high volume to ensure we can meet overwhelming demand for our superior products. We offer 40-50 lbs. bags of this product to make is easy to distribute and use for any purpose.

1 Ton Super Sack

Super Sack Wright Concrete

We also offer a 1 ton super sack bag of rock dust. We accommodate customers who need our products in any shape or size. This product is great for those who needs large quantities at a time.

Bulk Tanker

Bulk Tanker Wright Concrete

Not only can we deliver our products in small and large bags but we can also deliver by the tanker load. We have a fleet of trucks that can deliver our product or a product we mix for you. Our trucks are equipped with blowers to unload the products right into your silo or tank.