Wright Mix Materials Concrete Labs

Fully automated toll blending and bagging facility

The Wright Mix Lab has full capabilities for onsite testing of any product we provide. The products are developed, and then tested for consistency and compliance under a very thorough Quality Control / Assurance process. Only up to date industry standards are used. An example of this would be Wright Mix Materials involvement with the CCRL (Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory) program. Once every three years, an inspection team is sent from the CCRL Organization to inspect equipment, personnel and testing procedures to ensure we are in compliance and up to date with the applicable ASTM standards and procedures used for cement and concrete product testing. A recent copy of our inspection can be found by visiting the CCRL website.

Wright Mix Code of Business Conduct and Ethics represents how we treat each other, how we deal with our customers, how we respond to stakeholders and how accountable we are for every action. While achieving these high standards may be difficult to attain, we will continue to aspire to live our lives and conduct our business with equity, urgency, tenacity and professionalism. We are committed to the accountability of our directors, officers and employees to act at all times in accordance with these standards.

Safety is our attitude for life. Our commitment to our clients starts and ends with safety. We firmly believe safety is an integral part of any process we perform and has priority above everything else.

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