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Wrightway Drilling Work

Core Drilling

The core drills are specifically designed to collect 2 5/8” cylinder shaped samples of materials. The materials removed from the drill bit are referred to as the core. Core drills are used frequently in mineral exploration and can retrieve samples up to 4,000’ in depth. Per customer’s request, the core samples can then be e-logged or examined by certified geologist to reveal the percentage and depth of the minerals. This provides our customers the information necessary to establish or abandon mining operations in a particular area.

Hammer Drilling

The hammer drills provide a short, rapid thrust motion that crushes brittle materials and provides quicker drilling with less effort.  The thrusting action breaks up the stone which is then removed by the drill bit’s flutes. Hammer drilling is well suited for drilling holes in stone, concrete, or unknown materials.

Auger Drilling

Auger drilling involves a helical screw being driven into the ground with rotation. The materials are brought to the surface by the blade of the screw. This type of drilling is effective for drilling unconsolidated or weaker, soft materials.

Downhole Camera Systems

Wrightway Drilling & Exploration, LLC frequently utilizes downhole camera systems. Our downhole camera systems provide the operators a cost effective way to view obstructions or problems within the hole rather than making decision based on speculation.

Land Reclamation

The environment is important to us at Wrightway Drilling & Exploration, LLC. Therefore, we implement practices that present environmental incidents and act quickly to contain and address such incidents that do occur. Furthermore, our goal is to return the disturbed land to an improved state.